Committed to Quality, Safety and Building Relationships

TwinCon Enterprises Ltd. in Penticton BC specializes in earth moving, civil construction, subdivision development, and landscaping. We offer over 15 years of experience and an extensive inventory of heavy equipment to match both large and small contracts.
We are proud of our professional reputation for high quality work and safety orientation.
If you are looking for a great local company for excavation or industrial projects, please consider TwinCon Enterprises Ltd. Consultations and estimates are free of charge.
We would love to discuss your next project with you.

Mission Statement

“To support local economic growth and development, providing cost saving solutions and adhering to the highest standards of quality while building relationships in the community”

Our Commitment

TwinCon Enterprises Ltd. is committed to providing an exceptional place of work and holds itself to the highest standards for the quality of work produced for its clients and the community.
That is why we maintain these top six Core Values:


Feeling safe at work is a right, not a privilege. We are committed to maintaining the highest standards of safety on all of our job sites to ensure our employees feel confident while at work.

Respect For Our People

We greatly appreciate our staff members and encourage their growth and development.

Customer Commitment

We are committed to providing the best service possible to our clients and the community, with a focus on quality of work and building a meaningful relationship with our clients.


We pride ourselves on being honest, open and fair.


We value working together to provide the best services possible. We know that everyone on our team has valuable input and ideas.


We believe that you should enjoy where you work and feel as though you have purpose and direction. We believe this one component of a workplace is what will produce the highest customer satisfaction.